The Beginning

If you are new to my little Sim Story and want to start from the beginning, I have provided the following link list.  The first six chapters (all of Generation 1) are on TS3 pages.  I have no intention of ever converting them.  Sorry.

**UPDATE** TS3 dumped most of the pictures on my Exchange chapters.  So, if you do read them, there is nothing to see 😦

The second generation were all done at, but that transfers here.  You should be able to click on the first of the chapters and then follow the “Go To” links at the bottom of each entry to get all of the rest in correct reading order.

**UPDATE**With the disappearance of, all of chapter 2 is missing.  I have no way of accessing or converting them.  Luckily, I started chapter 3 at  I have always said that Chapter 3 was where my legacy really picked up, so I am not as bummed about losing my early work as I probably could be.

As always, I thank you for reading.  Feel free to comment on any chapter (even the early ones) as I love to get feedback and like knowing the reactions of people reading my story.  I have a pretty bad case of “did you like it?” syndrome.

Heather (Hrootbeer)

headshot_largeGeneration One: Margie

Recap:  Margie moved to Riverview with aspirations of becoming a writer and artist.  She was a romantic girl who liked reading and computers.  She got a part time job at the bookstore to help pay the bills before she began publishing her novels and selling her paintings.  Margie met and married a young doctor, Jebidiah Wilson, who shared many of her interests.  They went on to have four children together.  Her son Isaac took over the legacy from her.  Margie still haunts the family, especially the computer.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.5

Chapter 1.6

IsaacGeneration Two: Isaac

Recap:  Isaac was the youngest of three boys and the second to last of Margie and Jeb’s kids.  He was a musician and eventually a famous rock star in Riverview.  However, unlike most party-going, hard-living rock stars, Isaac was a family man.  He married his childhood sweetheart, Shalonda, and they raised six kids together.  Isaac was a little mad, but his madness never interfered with the family and only enhanced his music.  His youngest daughter, Deanna, took over the legacy from him.  **UPDATE** All links for chapter two are missing.  Sorry.  Pick up at chapter 3.  It is the best one anyway 🙂

Chapter 2.0: “When will these children ever move out?”
Chapter 2.1: “One down…In which Caleb gets married.”
Chapter 2.2: “In which Isaac gets married”
Chapter 2.3: “In which Hannah moves out but Jacob doesn’t.”
Chapter 2.4: “In which Tragedy arrives with the morning paper.”
Chapter 2.5: “In which Life goes on in its own insane way.
Chapter 2.6: “In which there is a brief interlude with Margie Kendrick
Chapter 2.7: “In which the Kendrick House is finally Isaac’s.
Chapter 2.8 “In which Isaac gets a little surprise.”
Chapter 2.9 “In which Isaac and Shalonda are abandoned to the twins.”
Chapter 2.10:”In which there are 5 birthdays, 1 teen party, 1 move, and a death.”

DeannaGeneration Three: Deanna

Recap:  Deanna was an evil, conniving woman.  She manipulated her way into becoming the legacy heir.  If it wasn’t for her twin sister, Jayne, she might have destroyed the whole family.  Though she wanted to be Emperor of Evil, Jayne was able to keep her sister from doing too much damage.  Luckily for the family, Deanna reigned in her evil nature and married Hugo Kendrick.  They had two children.  Hugo and Deanna eventually divorced, but he charged his son Duncan to keep the family intact.

Chapter 3 Interlude #1: Megan

Chapter 3 Interlude #2: Kellen

Chapter 3 Interlude #3: Tammie

Chapter 3 Interlude #4: Isaac and Shalonda

Chapter 3.0: In which Jayne begins the tale.

Chapter 3.1: In which Jayne explains about Megan

Chapter 3.2: In which there are 4 birthdays and a funeral

Chapter 3.3: In which Jayne is a bridesmaid and never a bride

Chapter 3.4; In which Deanna creates havoc during her maternity leave.

Chapter 3.5: In which Deanna is forgiven.

Chapter 3.6: In which Hugo has enough.

Chapter 3.7: In which Pricilla wins a chess match.

Chapter 3.8: In which Jayne gets a life.

Chapter 3.9: In which the fourth generation of Kendricks grow up.

Duncan KendrickGeneration Four: Duncan

Recap:  Duncan always knew he was the heir of the family.  He was raised knowing that the fate of the family rested on his shoulders.  At first he was not lucky in love, but eventually he met and married Stacia.  They had five children together including two sets of twins.  Duncan was a wonderful father and family man, but he also pursued and achieved his personal dream of becoming an astronaut.  Oddly, Duncan chose his only non-twinned child as the heir.  Suzanne reluctantly took over the family from him.

Chapter 4.0: In which Duncan takes over.

Chapter 4.1: In which Duncan dates.

Chapter 4.2: In which the Grim Reaper pays a visit.

Chapter 4.3: In which there are some doubts.

Chapter 4.4; In which there is a circle of life.

Chapter 4.5: In which Jayne is missed by everyone.

Chapter 4.6: In which quite a lot happens.

Chapter 4.7: In which the girls grow up.

Chapter 4.8: In which generation 5 is defined.

SuzanneGeneration Five: Suzanne

Recap: Suzanne never felt worthy of the Kendrick legacy.  As heiress, she suffered more than anyone else.  The total destruction of her house and the loss of both parents and a sister were only a few of her hardships.  Suzanne fell for her late sister’s husband and they had five children together out of wedlock (a set of triplets and a set of twins).  Suzanne never thought they would marry but as elders they did.  Then both Suzanne and her husband Jabari died and left no heir.  Eventually things settled down and Avery, one of the triplets, took over the family.

Chapter 5.0: In which there is an act of God.

Chapter 5.1: In which Suzanne remembers better days.

Chapter 5.2: In which Suzanne is a terrible sister.

Chapter 5.3: In which Suzanne gives Jabari a gift on his birthday.

Chapter 5.4: In which the sixth generation is born.

Chapter 5.5: In which Suzanne gets a new Stereo and TV.

Chapter 5.6: In which Suzanne is a winner…almost.

Chapter 5.7: In which cake, boys, and gravity affect Suzanne.

Chapter 5.8: In which they put in a new pool.

Chapter 5.9: In which there are proposals.

Chapter 6.0: In which Suzanne leaves the party.

Generation Six: Avery

Recap:  Avery Kendrick married her high school sweetheart Raphael.  They both wanted a large family even though Avery also wanted to succeed in her career as a Star News Anchor.  Although they thought they’d stop at five kids, they eventually had 7.  Their oldest daughter left home immediately to become an explorer and world traveler.  Their other daughters each married and moved out.  Their twin boys also married and eventually moved out.  This left only their younger children in the house.  Raymond, as the7th child, would be the 7th generation heir, but he has Asperger’s syndrome, so it is unsure if he will be able to carry on the legacy.

Chapter 6.1: In which Suzanne is remembered

Chapter 6.2: In which there is an uninvited guest.

Chapter 6.3: In which Robin comes back

Chapter 6.4: In which Marshall tries to get ahead.

Chapter 6.5: In which Avery is the heir.

Chapter 6.6: In which everyone is happy but Anne-Marie.

Chapter 6.7: In which there are six kids.

Chapter 6.8: In which Anne-Marie shares a room.

Chapter 6.9: In which the other Kendricks grow up.

Generation Seven: Raymond

Recap: Asperger’s is a disease similar to Autism; however people with Asperger’s don’t usually have challenges with intelligence…some are even very highly intelligent.  Asperger’s affects communication and focus.  A lot of people with Asperger’s (also people with high-functioning Autism) become very creative artistically or musically or very  handy with math or science.  Ray suffered from Asperger’s throughout his life.  It was a challenge for him to communicate with others and he often misinterpreted people’s actions.  Most of his life, Ray’s sister Antonia lived with him.  She helped him navigate the world a little better.  She lived with her partner, Rae, and they had a daughter, Amelia.  Ray became a painter, sculptor and musician.  He did find love with his wife, Genevieve, and they had three children.  Ian and Irene were twins.  Irene loved cooking and Ian was quite eco-friendly.  Their third son, Sammy, was a bit of a ladies man as well as an inventor.  Raymond eventually passed on the legacy to his only daughter.

Chapter 7.0: In which seven is the lucky number.

Chapter 7.1: In which the seventh child of the seventh generation is born.

Interlude #1:  Sibling Marriages

Interlude#2: Sibling Marriages Part Deux

Interlude #3: My Antonia

Chapter 7.2: In which Raymond Speaks

Chapter 7.3: In which Raymond gets a guitar.

Chapter 7.4: In which Raymond gets in trouble.

Interlude #4: A Rae of Sunshine

Interlude #5: China

Chapter 7.5: In which Raymond’s life changes.

Chapter 7.6: In which Raymond’s life changes again.

Chapter 7.7: In which Raymond is a father.

Chapter 7.8: In which Raymond ponders over his family.

Chapter 7.9: In which Raymond does everything but paint.

Interlude: Ian and Irene

Interlude: Sammy

Chapter 7.10: In which Raymond goes to France.

Generation 8: Irene

Recap: Dramatic Irene took over for her father with little fuss.  She worked as a chef while her husband, Gustave, worked as a photographer.  At first Raymond didn’t like Gustave, but eventually was able to tolerate him.  Irene had kids right away.  She ended up with two sets of twins: Robert and Gerard, and Chantelle, and Henri.  Irene’s children were almost adults by the time her brothers, Ian and Sammy, had children of their own.  Although she wanted more kids, Irene stuck with only four.  Her youngest son Henri, took over the legacy from her.

Chapter 8.0: In which Irene tells the truth

Chapter 8.1: In which there are birthdays, ghosts, and fainting

Chapter 8.2: In which Irene is a proud mama.

Chapter 8.3: In which there is tragedy.

Chapter 8.4: In which there is an unexpected guest.

Chapter 8.5: In which the Kendricks grieve.

Chapter 8.6: In which the Kendricks go abroad, Part 1.

Chapter 8.6: In which the Kendricks go abroad, Part 2.

Chapter 8.7: In which Irene contemplates her children.

Chapter 8.8: In which there are weddings.

Generation 9: Henri

Chapter 9.0: In which Henri explains it all.

Chapter 9.1: In which life is good and death is better.

Chapter 9.2: In which Henri meets his match.

Chapter 9.3: In which Henri settles down.

Chapter 9.4: In which Generation 10 is born.

Chapter 9.5: In which life goes on.

Chapter 9.6: In which the 10th generation grows up.

Chapter 9.7: In which teens take over.


13 Responses to “The Beginning”

  1. Dara Says:

    LOL! I loved that line from Jeb, “I know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies!” Classic.

  2. Juliana Rocha Says:

    Hey, I’m late. I know. But I was a bit confused by the different blog links. Now that I finally mastered the net I’m really enjoying following the Kendricks story. I’m reading from the beginning… so it might take a while until I finally catch up with your regular updates, but I’m looking forward to it – specially because I’m pretty curious about the post entitled “In where there’s an act of God”. *g Good simming!

  3. Ashley Says:

    I just started to read your legacy today, so it might take me awhile to get caught up to your newer updates, but I wanted to post a quick question on here. On chapter 1.6 (page 57), is that a baby on the stepping stones leading up to the house?

    • hrootbeer Says:

      Yes, that is a baby. I think it was Hannah on her birthday to becoming a toddler. How odd. I’m not sure I know why I used that picture.

  4. jungfrun68 Says:

    Hm. I thought I read everything yesterday, but I see now that I didn’t. Is the chapter 4.8 only supposed to be a picture?
    Onwards to chapter 5!

  5. pineapple275 Says:

    Did you get rid of the comments? I just read 2.1 and I loved Jacob with his Jogging sucks dudes!

    • hrootbeer Says:

      No, I didn’t get rid of comments. But I did just check and apparently that is now an archived blog so you can’t comment on it. I’m glad you liked it. I liked Jacob. He was one of my favorites.

  6. zoxell Says:

    I’m just now going through some of the older chapters in your legacy. Looks like some of the older sims3legacy stuff is gone for good, though.

  7. Chapter Twenty-Six: A Break From Reality? « The Creeper Legacy Says:

    […] Unit: Well, it does seem as though I have a certain power over death, and hrootbeer suggested it, so… […]

  8. mostdiabolicalpersona Says:

    I’m just astounded and blown away by legacies such as yours. To have the patience and go through this many generations…it’s just amazing. 😀

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