Succubus Legacy


Lilith seduces her first Sim.

This is my official challenge legacy.  I am going to post it as a slideshow.  I will be keeping score with this one and there will be no major plot to it.  It’s more observational.

WARNING: This is a mature legacy.  I’d rate it PG-13, but if sexual content, demons, and Hell bother you, I wouldn’t read it.

Part One: Introducing Lilith Succubus.

Part Two

Part Three: Heartbreaker of Sunset Valley

Part four: Helen Succubus, 2nd Generation.

Part Five: Helen Succubus: Part Two

Part Six: Helen Succubus #3

Part Seven:  Helen Succubus #4

Cassie only dates oldsters.

Part Eight: Cassandra #1

Part Nine: Cassandra #2

Part Ten: Cassandra #3

Part 11: Cassandra #4

Part 12: Cassandra #5

Part 13: Cassandra #6

Part 14: Cassandra #7

Part 15: Cassandra #8

Part 16: Cassandra #9

Elisabeth might be toxic for Harold Lansing

Part 17: Elisabeth #1

Part 18: Elisabeth #2

Part 19: Elisabeth #3

Elisabeth #4

Elisabeth #5

Elisabeth #6

Nancy #1


3 Responses to “Succubus Legacy”

  1. Fabiola Nicol Says:

    I think the story is pretty —–, if the life of a girl is like that story thats a very sad life style.


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