The Twinbrook Fields

I want to let everyone who reads this blog know that I will be writing a new one called “The Twinbrook Fields.” It will be a more narrative style DITFT challenge story.  I will no longer be putting up Kendrick stories, though I am planning an Outtakes entry.

Thank you for reading this story, especially if you started out reading it when it was brand new.  I appreciate your comments and your interest.  The Sims 3 and the community of writers and readers has re-kindled my desire to be a writer.  For that I will always be grateful.

Anyway, if you want to stick with me, please check out The Twinbrook Fields.

Thanks again for all the fun times with the Kendricks.


2010 in review

I don’t know if anyone still comes to this blog, but I thought this was interesting.  I got it in my email today from WordPress.  Of course I am nostalgic about the Kendricks.  They were with me since June of 2009.  I remember the day when I hit 230 visitors.  I was shocked and amazed and humbled.  I still am when I realize that people are reading and liking my work.

Thank you, everyone for an amazing year.


The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 60 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 130 posts.

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Chapter 6.6: In which everyone is happy but Anne-Marie. January 2010

Kendrick Genetics

I find the genetic system in Sims 3 fascinating.  I wish I understood how they coded it so that certain traits become dominant and recessive.  Two places in the legacy had me putting my Sims into the Sim Bin and then reloading them to the game…one was when I destroyed Susanne’s house.  The second was when the game glitched so badly that I had to move the family off the Legacy Lot and purge Jabari who was causing the glitch.  I don’t know if those two incidents changed the genetics that much, though.  I do know that it messed with the family tree.  But anyway, here are some of the things I observed about my Sims over the course of 10 generations.

P.S.  I plan on doing an “Out Takes” soon.  I have hundreds of screenshots to go through, though, so it’s taking me some time to put together.



Generation One

1 Margie 2 Jebidiah Kendrick

Margie Kendrick Married Jebidiah Wilson.  She had very full and pursed lips, light blue eyes and blond streaked hair.  Jeb’s hair was red and his lips were thin and wide.  He had green eyes.  Margie’s nose was thin and narrow.  Jeb’s was much wider.

Generation Two

5b  Isaac 6 Shalonda

Isaac Kendrick had Jeb’s red hair.  I gave it black tips because he was a rock star.  His mouth looks like a cross between his parents’ and his eyes were a striking almost teal green.  I also thought his nose were a blend of Margie’s and Jeb’s.  He definitely had Jeb’s ears.  He married Shalonda Chung who had a thin, wide mouth, Asian tilted eyes and a very tiny nose.  Her eyes were gray.

Generation Three

12 Deanna 13 Hugo Kendrick

Deanna Kendrick’s eyes were a good blend of her parents’ but they were the same color as Shalanda’s.  She seems to have gotten Margie’s mouth and Shalonda’s tiny nose.  I think she’s one of the prettiest Kendricks, but she didn’t survive the culling process at TS3.  She married Hugo who had light brown eyes and sandy blond hair.  He also had darker skin.  His nose is pretty normal looking, not tiny and not huge.

Generation Four

14 Duncan Kendrick 14e Stacia

Duncan Kendrick ended up with his mother’s light gray eyes.  His hair was sort of a mix between both of his parents’.  His mouth looks a lot like Hugo’s or Shalanda’s.  He seems to have a sort of smashed version of Jeb’s nose and Shalonda’s tilted eyes.  He did not inherit Hugo’s darker skin.  Stacia Kendrick, his wife, also had darker skin.  She had light goldish brown hair.  Her nose was not as thin or small as Shalonda’s, but it was much smaller than Margie’s.  Her eyes were the same hazel brown/green as Hugo’s.  She has a sort of heart-shaped face that seems to be pretty standard in service Sims, which she was one.  Her mouth is fuller than Shalonda’s but not as much as Deanna’s or Margie’s.

Generation Five

16 Suzanne 17 Jabari

Susanne Kendrick had her mother’s skin, mouth and nose.  However, she got Shalonda’s dark hair again and her tilted light blue eyes.  I always liked Susanne’s look.  She married Jabari with his pale skin, wide mouth, big nose and brown eyes.  His hair was a strawberry blond.  Jabari’s genetics became quite pronounced in their children.

Generation Six

20 Avery21 Raphael

Avery Kendrick obviously favors her dad in coloring, but she has Susanne’s mouth, nose and eyes.  She married another service Sim, Raphael, who has the male version of Stacia’s face.  His eyes were a pretty dark blue.  (Around this time I felt that all my Sims were looking like the Face 1 version of a Sim.  I started adding new CAS Sims to the game to give more variety to the town.)

Generation Seven

31 Raymond 32Genevieve

Avery and Raphael had kids with every color of hair from Shalonda’s black to Jabari’s red.  Raymond, their youngest, ended up looking almost exactly like his father.  The only difference between Raymond and Raphael was that Ray got Shalonda’s tilty eyes that were the color of Jabari’s brown ones.  Those eyes were on a lot of Kendricks.  Genevieve was a CAS made Sim that I created to give some diversity to the Kendricks’ looks.  Her hair is more of a strawberry blond and her eyes were moss green.  She has an oddly shaped nose and mouth that I hoped would be carried on.

Generation Eight

Irene Gustave

I was happy with how Raymond’s genes mixed with Genevieve’s.  Irene got Genevieve’s nose but the brown eyes of her father and Jabari.  Her mouth was a throwback to Stacia, though.  Again, I wanted to mix up genetics, so I had Irene marry a French Sim, Gustave.  I liked his deep brown eyes and his square face.  He also had a wide mouth with a thick lower lip that sort of pouted.  I liked his deep-set eyes.

Generation Nine

Henri Ziyi

I wasn’t disappointed in Gustave’s mix into the Kendricks.  His French eyes and square face were very strong.  Henri looked like a blond version of Gustave.  His eyes were the lighter brown of Irene’s, though.  Henri married a Chinese girl, Ziyi, who had a completely different look.  I didn’t know how her genes would impact their children.  She has light gray eyes and a very strangely shaped mouth and a squished little nose.

Generation Ten

Lian Jian Aili Meili Shan

You can see that both Gustaven’s French genetics and Ziyi’s Chinese genetics influenced the last generation quite a bit.  Shan looks the most Chinese and Jian is a lot like Henri.  Both Lian and Ai-Li look more French and Mei-Li looks very Asian even though she’s blond.  Mei-Li’s mouth is also the same as Ziyi’s but the other kids have mouths more similar to Gustave.  I’m not sure where Lian got such a full lower lip.  Her upper lip is like Ziyi’s.  I like how Shan’s nose looks identical to Ziyi’s except larger since he’s a male.  He and Jian both have Gustave’s cheek bones, though.  None of them seem to have gotten Ziyi’s smaller and rounder head.

1 Margie It’s hard to believe that all of these Sims were the product of Margie Kendrick.  I’m not sure I see much of her in the last group.  Actually, Margie’s influence seems to have dissipated by Deanna.  In my opinion Shalonda’s genetics were by far the strongest.

What do you think?

Chapter 9.8: In which Jodie goes back to the future.

Screenshot-73 Time Log, Entry 1:

It is my first day in the past.  It’s amazing how different Riverview now is compared to my time.  There are no aliens walking around town with their laser pistols and stun batons.  There are a lot more people.  Large families like mine are the norm.  Best of all, there is no plague.

I didn’t know how my past-family would receive me, but they seem to have opened their home to me readily enough.  In my time they would have been much more suspicious.  How would they know if I was some sort of alien in disguise?

My parents, Henri and Ziyi Kendrick, remember what it was like in the future.  They listened to me tell of how bad it had gotten since they returned to their own time.  The accepted that I was was on a mission and were not in the least disturbed that I existed.  They are so innocent!  I don’t think I would have been as accepting of an old lady claiming to be your daughter.  Why should they believe that my people used their DNA to create a person who could go back in time?

But they did.  They actually feel sorry for me because I was raised in quarantine and isolation so that I wouldn’t be contaminated by the horrible plague that the aliens brought to our world.  I had no family, no friends, no people to interact with.  That’s why it is so strange for me to be among this large family now.  It exhausts me.

I’ve always known my purpose for being.  I was to be sent to the past to learn the medical techniques lost in my time.  I was then supposed to return to the future to help what remains of humanity there.  I was supposed to be the savior of the world.  Knowing that you have a higher purpose makes the loneliness easier to tolerate. Read the rest of this entry »

Almost done #2

If any of you have played WoW, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that finishing a legacy is sort of like getting the last bubble before you level.  It always seems to take twice as long as your previous bubbles.

Anyway, I have played the Sims quite often this week in an effort to finish up my story.  BUT I don’ t think I will finish it this week like I thought I’d be able to do.  I’m glitching pretty badly like I was awhile back.  I am getting Error 12’s almost every other save.  God forbid I do anything in CAS because it’s almost a guaranteed Error 12.  So, slowly but surely I’m wrapping things up.

Lian searches for "clues" in the garbage.

I changed my mind about who the “heir” for Gen. 10 would be…I was going to pick Mei-Li, but then decided to give it to Lian.  If I could get my game to play through to the point where I wanted to “end” things, I’d be very thankful.  So far I’ve played through the triplet adult birthdays twice, the boyfriend/marriage scenario’s for most of the kids at least 3 times, Ziyi and Henri becoming elders twice, and Jodie’s promotions and aging twice.  I just need Jodie to hit the top of the medical career and then it’s over.

BTW, I’m going to move the triplets to Twinbrook for The Twinbrook Fields.  Would you like me to put them on the Exchange as a household?


Almost done!

I plan to do one update and one ‘extras’ update to finish off the Kendricks.  I should have them done next week.  In the meantime, I thought you all might like to see the prologue of my new DITFT legacy, The Twinbrook Fields.  This new challenge will take over as my primary legacy with the Succubus Legacy still being secondary.

I have played ahead enough to have aged all of generation 10 up to young adults.  You can find them all on the Exchange at my Studio.

Ai-Li Kendrick

Mei-Li Kendrick

Shan Kendrick

Lian Kendrick

Jian Kendrick

Thank you all for being such awesome support as I’ve been writing this legacy.  I hope that the Fields will also be as enjoyable as the Kendricks to read about.


Chapter 9.7: In which teens take over.

Screenshot-4 Screenshot

My son Jian and I have a lot in common.  We are both a bit of a dare devil.  However, where I pour a lot of my energy into inventing and hunting for ghosts, Jian focuses a lot on fishing.  Of course I had to teach him how to work out so that he’d have the stamina and energy to catch the big fishes. Read the rest of this entry »